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Why All Pro Delivery Service? 

Carrier [kar-ee-er] Noun. Transportation. A carrier is a firm or company that transports goods or people for any person or company via land, sea, or air.


All Pro Delivery Service works with more than 20 professional delivery drivers in the surrounding states. These drivers are truly the best in the your region.


To fulfill your delivery needs, we have all vehicle types from cars to 26’ trucks, and everything in between.

Each experienced, skilled driver is an expert in the industry with superior driving knowledge and a continuous focus on customer service. Many of them have been contracting with All Pro Delivery Service for many years and have completed thousands of deliveries in their careers.


Many of the drivers we use are HIPPA certified, TSA cleared, and military-base approved. They are equipped with medical coolers, spill kits, and dry ice when orders require it. They are professionally dressed and easy to identify. Our model is simple and extremely efficient. We have drivers in all counties so we can provide you with the most organized and effective on-time deliveries. In our highest volume and highest demand areas, we have set up hubs with drivers ready and waiting to respond quickly to your delivery needs. Our advanced technology enables us to keep in constant contact with these professionals for real-time package tracking.


This includes:

• GPS Tracking

• Real-time Communication from our dispatchers

• Intelligent Computer Dispatching


Our drivers have exceptional customer service skills and superior driving knowledge and are available for all of your delivery needs.

Partner with Us 

We partner with entrepreneurial-minded individuals and businesses that are serious about the delivery business. We are looking for drivers with their own cargo vans, box trucks, and select passenger vehicles to service local and regional deliveries.

Choose Your Style

Several options are available for carriers interested in contracting with All Pro Delivery Service, including:

Day to Day Work 

Weekday, weekend, or nighttime delivering of packages or freight on an oncall basis

• Routed Work

Weekday, weekend, or nighttime delivering of packages or freight on a scheduled basis



Due to state and local requirements, individuals must have the following:

• Master Business License from your local State Department of Licensing (File a Master Business Application)



The top weekday on-demand contract drivers driving a box truck average nearly $150 per day in gross revenue, complete 10 deliveries, and drive close to 200 miles on any given day. Route drivers are paid on a per route basis based on the negotiated route requirements of the job.

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