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Delivery Service

Because All Pro Delivery Service knows the most important thing to you is a safe and secure on-time delivery, we offer same day delivery. To meet your quick delivery needs, we’ll pick up a shipment of virtually any size or weight and get it to your desired location in your selected amount of time.


With more than 20 qualified and compliant drivers, you’re in good hands. Whether you need something picked up within 30 minutes and delivered immediately, delivered within four hours or by the end of the day we’ll dedicate a carrier to get it there for you. We want to make this work best for you so you choose the level of service.

Direct – We’ll pick it up within 30 minutes and take it to the destination.
Rush – All Pro Delivery Service will get it there within 2 hours.
Priority – We make these deliveries within 4 hours.
All Day – Just call us by 12pm and your items will be delivered by 5pm.


You’ll never have to worry about where it is because when you place your order online or over the phone you’ll be able to track the package the entire way to its destination.


All Pro Delivery Delivery Service offers:

  • Proactive tracking and monitoring from pickup through delivery.

  • Online ordering that allows real time delivery information.

  • An online account that offers numerous reporting capabilities: Access to invoices,

  • Order summaries, service level summaries.

  • Proof of Delivery (POD) confirmation. POD confirmation can be an electronic

  • Signature, scan, or a picture. We also have bar code scanning capabilities.

Local Same Day Trucking 

When you have tight deadlines for your freight, All Pro Delivery Service same day trucking service is what you need. It doesn’t matter if you have a few pallets or a lot to be delivered, we have a vehicle that will be just right for you. We offer a wide range of vehicles from 16-26 foot box trucks to 24 foot flatbeds with forklifts. No matter where you are in the in the region, our service brings peace of mind knowing your load will reach its destination safely with unrivaled speed and efficiency.

Rush – Delivery within 2 hours 

Priority – Delivery within 4 hours 

All Day – Call by 12pm Delivery by 5pm

Appointment Times


Do you have an exact time you need to have your freight picked up? Maybe something you’ve shipped requires an appointment for delivery. We’ve got you covered. Once the appointment is set leave the rest to us.

Scheduled Routed Stress-Free Deliveries  

We know that when you have to manage multiple deliveries it can make for a monster migraine!

So, don’t worry about it!


All Pro Delivery Service would like to minimize your cost and your stress for your recurring freight delivery needs. We offer scheduled delivery service anywhere in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Colorado. Whether your custom route is across town or across the state, one stop or a hundred, one day a week or seven, our highly qualified drivers are here for you. Do you need one truck or two? A combination perhaps: 26 foot box truck and a 24 foot flatbed with forklift? No problem! We have a fleet that will accommodate your needs. Our route service is a convenient option for those who find themselves needing to ship freight regularly. Our route carriers become accustomed to your needs and see to it that your items will be delivered on-time, every time! Bottom line: With our scheduled recurring freight delivery service you still maintain total control over the sending and receiving of shipments without the anxiety of having to wonder if they will arrive on schedule and undamaged.

Technology Driven  

We are committed to continuously invest in technology that will provide added value that our customers require to manage their deliveries. We are happy to have the newest technology that allows you to track a delivery and know that it made it to its destination on-time. In fact we have a number of technology solutions to fulfill our goal of providing our customers with up-to-date information on the location of their packages and key performance measures surrounding their deliveries.

Online Tracking. Using smartphone technology our drivers enter data at each key point: at pick-up, in transit and at the final destination. This data is immediately relayed to our system where, in a matter of seconds, our customers can access information on the status of their item or see signature proof of delivery. We can provide photo proof of delivery at unmanned locations as well as bar code scanning for piece tracking.


More than just ordering. Not only does our easy-to-use website make ordering and tracking a snap, it’s packed with user-friendly tools to manage almost every aspect of your local deliveries. It’s everything you need at your fingertips. Instant quotes for all service levels:

• Fast, easy, secure ordering and tracking 24/7

• EZ ship one-click address entry

• Access to invoices, summaries, reports & service tiers

• Review rate sheets & proof of delivery

• Automatic delivery notifications by email


High-Volume Ordering Solutions. For customers who send significant volumes, we can receive your order via EDI, including any spreadsheet format. We have the ability to interface directly to your system for an advanced, customized solution.


Analytics. We use a leading analytics software solution to sort through huge amounts of data to allow our staff to monitor on-time, traffic, order volume and call volumes. This allows us to manage each and every delivery, identify trends, and create unique solutions with a level of insight that’s unmatched in the industry.

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